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Special events

Persons requesting to hold a Special Event in the City of Saco must complete and submit a "Special Event Application" and submit the application to the Traffic Safety Officer a minimum of 90 days prior to the requested event date.
  1. The application shall include completed site plan or detailed map showing:
    • The location of the special event
    • The locations of any grandstands, stages, viewing areas, rest facilities, vendors, parking/assembly areas (if necessary) and any other equipment or material brought in for use during the special event.
    • A written description and the location of any traffic control devices, barricades or signage necessitated by the event.
  2. The application shall contain a description of the means by which the event coordinator will notify the residents and businesses in the area affected by the special event. At a minimum, this shall include a public notification in a local, daily newspaper and a mass mailing to the residents and businesses in the affected area. The notification/mailing, when it occurs, must include the date and time of the Traffic Safety Committee meeting at which the special event will be discussed.
  3. The application shall be accompanied by an indemnification agreement (appendix B) releasing the City of Saco and its officers and employees from any liability arising from or in connection with the special event; and a certificate of insurance with minimum liability coverage in the amount of $1,000,000.
  4. The application fee shall be established by the Council after a public hearing.
  5. The applicant is responsible for full cleanup of the area immediately following the special event and the applicant further agrees to reimburse the City for repair costs to any City facility or property damaged during the event. Only water-soluble, non-permanent markings or chalk may be used on City rights-of-way.
  6. Depending upon the nature of the event, the City may require City personnel including Police and Fire, Public Works, or Parks and Recreation to be present at, or assist with the event. The City shall determine the number of personnel necessary to ensure the safety of the public and participants, minimize inconvenience to residents, and reduce public liability exposure to the event sponsor and the City. The costs of any such personnel shall be borne in full by the event sponsor unless specifically waived by the City Administrator prior to the special event.
  7. Upon receipt of the application, the Traffic Safety Officer shall schedule a meeting of the Traffic Safety Committee to discuss the special event. The meeting shall be scheduled at the earliest opportunity but shall take into account the notification requirement mandated by this policy and shall allow sufficient time to permit the event coordinator to advise the public of the special event and the Traffic Safety Committee meeting. The Traffic Safety Committee (TSC) will provide the City Council members with a TSC agenda and a copy of the permit application prior to a meeting when closing a major street is at issue.
  8. The Traffic Safety Committee shall review the application with the event coordinator to clarify the nature and circumstances of the event and may establish conditions under which the special event may be held. The purpose of the Traffic Safety Committee review shall be to determine whether the event can be conducted without any adverse impact upon public safety.
  9. The Traffic Safety Committee will consider the following factors prior to granting authority for a street closure under this policy:
    • The special event must enhance the cultural, recreational or economic potential for the City of Saco.
    • Adequate plans for the detouring of local traffic have been made by the event coordinators.
    • Reasonable access for business and residents working and living within the affected area has been provided.
    • Proper notification of persons living and residing within the affected area has occurred.