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2019 Household Hazardous Waste

2019 Household Hazardous Waste Days:

Residents of Saco, Biddeford, Scarborough, and Old Orchard Beach will have an opportunity to dispose of household hazardous waste this summer at the locations and dates listed below. Proof of residency (such as a driver's license or tax bill) is required!

·         May 11: Scarborough Public Works, 20 Washington Ave., Scarborough;

·         July 13: Saco Public Works, 351 North St., Saco;

Each Event is held 8 a.m. to Noon

Please note: No commercial or non-resident waste will be accepted.


Latex Paint Disposal:  You can actually dispose of paint on your own any time of year!
You have two options to do so.

#1. Pop open the lids and let the paint dry out. If you have just a little bit of paint in the cans this can happen very quickly especially if left outside on a warm sunny day. The cans can then be disposed of at the Transfer Station utilizing your transfer pass. The paint MUST be dry. That is the only stipulation. Should you just have a very thin layer of paint, and the paint has dried, you can actually RECYCLE the can and just throw away the lid!.

#2. Should you have a bit more in the can to dispose of, the easiest way to dry out your paint is to pour the paint into a trash bag, mix up with some speedy dry or cat litter. This will ensure the paint dries quicker, leaving the paint can essentially empty. Once dry, the bag of dried paint can go into your curbside trash container, should you have space, or directly to the transfer station. Again, must be completely dried out. Cans that are emptied through this method typically are accepted through your curbside recycling cart (once dried) and again.. throw away your lid.

#3 Drop off locations with the surrounding area

Download the brochure

The following materials will be accepted:

·         Fluorescent bulbs

·         Mothballs

·         Photo chemicals

·         Pool chemicals

·         Degreasers

·         Drain cleaners

·         Furniture polish

·         Metal polish

·         Spot remover

·         Floor cleaner

·         Upholstery cleaner

·         Button batteries

·         Rechargeable batteries

·         Old chemistry sets

·         Rust inhibitors

·         Wood preservative

·         Wood strippers

·         Wood stain

·         Paint thinner

·         Solvents

·         Oil based paint

·         Sealants

·         Pesticides

·         Insecticides

·         Herbicides

·         Chlordane

·         Insect sprays

·         Rodent killers

·         No-pest strips

·         Antifreeze

·         Brake fluid

·         Engine degreaser

·         Gasoline

·         Kerosene

The following materials will not be accepted:

·         Pathological waste

·         Radioactive waste

·         Latex paint

·         Tires

·         Explosives

·         Smoke detectors

·         Propane cylinders

·         Computers

·         Commercial waste

·         Unknown materials

To Ensure Safety, Please:

·         Tighten caps and lids

·         Leaving materials in original labeled containers.

·         Sort chemicals separately.

·         Pack containers in sturdy upright boxes (don't place in garbage bags) and drive directly to site of drop off.

·         Never smoke near chemicals

·         Never mix chemicals

For further questions call Saco Public Works at 284-6641