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Cart Policy

The City’s current solid waste ordinance makes recycling mandatory.  Limiting the amount of trash allowed out for collection essentially promotes residents to recycle to their fullest potential. Recycling reduces the amount of tonnage sent to incinerators for disposal, therefore reducing the amount of taxes spent on disposal. Trash disposal cost about $104 per house, whereas Recycling only costs about $43 per household. If we recycle just 10% more of our total trash volume, the City would save approximately $50,000 per year. Because of our mandatory recycling policy, we do restrict houses on how many, and what size carts they are allowed. If you have a broken cart that requires replacement, the city will replace the cart at no charge. Please fill out an online service request here

The Contractor who provides pick up service to the City of Saco is Pine Tree Waste. Should you have an issue with the collection and need to contact them, please call 934-2525


A single family home/condo is eligible for ONE 35 or 65 gallon trash and recycling cart.  Multi-unit buildings above 3 units are required to share carts and will be issued 95 gal carts for disposal, number based on units in building. Apartment buildings are not issued a set of carts per unit.

 Our standard cart policy is as follows:
Single family home/condo: 1 – 35 gallon OR 1- 65 gallon (3 or less people typically will receive a 35 gallon cart automatically)
Multi-unit building:
2 units – 2 full sets of carts if space allows (4 total carts)
3 units – 1 – 95 gallon/1 – 65 gallon trash and recycling (4 total carts)
4 units – 2 – 95 gallon trash and recycling (4 total carts)
5 units – 2- 95 gallon/1 – 65 gallon trash, 2 -95 gallon recycling (5 total carts)
6 units – 3 – 95 gallon trash and recycling (6 total carts)

SMALL BUSINESS:  By city ordinance, the city does not issue trash or recycling carts to businesses here in Saco, no matter what the size. Business are responsible to obtain their own collection service. If you see some carts out for small businesses, the city (before 2012) did supply carts to small businesses for a yearly fee, however that program was eliminated due to budget cuts. We no longer provide that option. To be eligible for curbside cart, per city ordinance, the property must be listed as a "residential" property.

SEASONAL TRASH CART: If you own a seasonal property, you are eligible to purchase an additional cart that can be used between May and October each year. The cart fee is a one time fee of $50.00 and a seasonal sticker fee of $40.00 has to be paid each year you wish to use the cart.  

Items for your BROWN cart.  Cardboard, paperboard, notebook paper, glass, rigid  plastic (#1-#7), aluminum and steel. All can be mixed together in this cart. If any non-recyclable material, such as garbage, construction debri or yard waste, is placed in the BROWN cart it will not be picked-up. For a complete list of acceptable recycling items, follow this link  

The GREEN cart is to be used for garbage.  They city's garbage collection is intended for "bagged" kitchen trash only.  If you are cleaning out your basement, attic or garage, those items should go to the transfer station and not placed in your curbside cart. Your curbside collection does not allow for large items that do not fit in your cart, yard waste, construction debris, carpets, mini-blinds.. ect.. Please only placed bagged kitchen type trash in your carts. Any GREEN cart overfilled with garbage may not be picked-up.  Any bags placed next to the GREEN cart will not be picked-up.  Any trash placed out in a NON City type barrel, will not be collected. We allow for two bags of excess garbage on the first collection day following Thanksgiving and Christmas ONLY.  During any other time of the year excess garbage can be disposed of at the Transfer Station for $3.00 per bag. There is a 2/3 bag per week limit. 

If you have a BLUE cart at your residence, we no longer issue or require use of them. If you have excess RECYCLING you can place the cart out for use and it will get collected, however you are not required to separate your recycling materials as the cart states. Please do not use these carts for trash, as you will contaminate the recycling load.  We will not replace broken blue carts. If you have a blue cart you would prefer not to have, you can drop them off at our Public works building on North St. We do not provide a pick-up service for them unless they are broken.

Helpful tips regarding your cart placement and what should go inside!