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Below is a list of contact names, telephone numbers and email addresses for members of the Department of Public Works. If you wish to request a service from our department, we recommend using our Work Order Request Form. 

For information about snow removal or parking bans, call our snow line at 282-snow (7669).
Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Public Works Patrick Fox Director (207)-284-6641
Public Works Amy Oliver Office Manager 207-284-6641 Ext521
Public Works Travis Moore Deputy Director 207-284-6641 Ext527
Public Works Joe Laverriere City Engineer 207-284-6641 xt534
Public Works John Wentworth Fleet Manager 207-284-6641 xt536
Public Works Bill Phillips Parts Manager 207-282-4646, Ext 528
Public Works Russel Morse Garage Foreman 207-282-4646, Ext 529
Public Works Rob Lamarre General Superintendant 207-284-6641 Ext 532
Public Works Dale Shannon Facilities Foreman 207-284-6641
Public Works Daniel Chadbourne Harbormaster (207)-423-2755
Public Works Tom Duross Field Services Inspector 207-284-6641, Ext 522
Public Works Andrew Kavanaugh Engineer Tech/GIS 207-284-6641 Ext 523
Public Works Nicole Tarring Office Assistant 207-284-6641 Ext 524
Public Works Don Roth Facilities (207)-292-8325