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Dig Safe / Utility Mark Out Notification

Dig Safe / Utility Mark Out Notification

Prior to any excavation work within the City of Saco, all utilities must be notified of the proposed work to be sure underground infrastructure is marked to prevent damage or injury. Dig Safe shall first be notified by phone (811 or 1-888-DIG-SAFE) or electronically. This notification to Dig Safe will cover all utilities, except for the sanitary sewer and storm drain lines maintained by the City of Saco and water lines which are maintained by Maine Water. Maine Water must be notified at (207)282-1543. The City of Saco can be notified by contacting Public Works at (207)284-6641 or by completing the form below. All three of these notifications must be made three (3) business days prior to excavating anywhere within the City, private property included. If the work will take place within the right of way, a Street Opening Permit must also be obtained through the Public Works Department.

Please complete the form to notify the Public Works Department to mark out any sanitary sewer and storm drain within your proposed excavation limits.

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Address of Excavation:

Intersecting Streets:

Purpose of Excavation:

Location Description:

Private Property or within ROW:

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