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Curbside Collection for Recyclables
The City of Saco supports Single-Sort Recycling. What does this mean for the residents? Single-Sort means ALL acceptable recycling material can be placed (loosely) inside your City issued BROWN cart. We do not require any special separation of materials. The BROWN cart can accept paper, cardboard, tin cans and metal lids, plastics (#1-#7), and glass jars. All of your materials can be mixed within the one cart and will be sorted later on at Ecomaine. Both your garbage and your recycling are collected on the same day, but not necessarily at the same time.

If you find a BLUE cart at your property, this cart can still be used for excess recycling, however the City no longer issues them or replaces them. Please do not use this cart for trash. The drivers expect these carts to be recycling. If there is trash in it and they do not notice, this cart just contaminated the full truck load of recycling.  If you do not wish to keep the blue cart, we do accept them back. You can drop them off at our facility, 15 Phillips Spring Rd (directly across from 57 Spring Hill Rd).    

Is This Recyclable??
We also created an easy to follow guide on what can be recycled, what should go in your trash, and what should be brought to the Transfer Station. Download Flyer. 



You can actually ask Eco-Maine directly if you are confused what can be recycled and what can't! There's even an App for that! By following this link you can also find information on how to download their latest version of the App for answering questions even quicker! Itunes App

TRASH & RECYCLING IN THE SAME TRUCK!: Wondering why you are seeing the same truck pick up both your trash & recycling? The truck is designed that way! We have been receiving several inquiries into why the same truck is picking up both your carts at the same time. Rest assured the City IS STILL recycling, and we definitely still want you to separate your recycling from the trash. Pine Tree waste has updated their fleet to include a Dual Compartment Truck. Dual compartment trash and recycling not only reduce the amount of fuel and energy used, but also lower the truck trips and reduce wear and tear on our streets! The body of the truck is split down the middle into 2 compartments. One on the left for recycling and one on the right for trash. The Automated arm picks up your cart and empties the contents into a center console of the truck, the driver then pushes a button in the cab to indicate trash or recycling, and the tray is pushed to the correct side.

When should I put out my curbside carts? 
Collection in Saco starts at 6:00 am. All carts should be curbside no later than 6:00 am to ensure you will not be missed. Please do not assume same time collection each week. Times can change often due to personnel or fleet issues, along with road construction. 
What does not go in my recycling bin? 
BROWN bins are reserved for recycling material only. Please never use this cart for overflow trash, yard waste, or construction debris. These items are NOT recyclable and will result in fines to the city or your cart not being collected. 
Is there a specific way to have my carts out? 
YES! Arrows should point out, towards the street. You will also see a metal bar in front, that should face the front. This allows the cart to open towards the truck ensuring most of the items remain inside. Carts should also be placed 1 to 2 feet apart, so the automatic arm can fit in between to lift the carts. Any cart placed too close to a parked car or fixed object will not be collected. 
I see the same truck picking up both my trash & recycling at the same time, is the City still recycling? YES! Pine Tree waste has added dual compartment trucks to their fleet here in Saco (something other towns have been doing for quite some time) This allows the driver to pick up both your carts at the same time and the truck separates the items by the push of a button!

Printable Trash and Recycling Guidelines brochure, click here

Did you know Eco-Maine LOVES to do school visits, or have classrooms visit their facility? By contacting them directly, they can set up free classroom information sessions, along with the possibility of visiting their site. (very interesting to see how it all works!) We encourage all teachers to reach out to them for this offer. The more we educate our citizens on the correct process the better! Contact information here.

How does recycling save us money?
Every pound we recycle is one less pound we pay a tonnage fee to burn. Recycling means less mining, smelting, milling, less energy used in production. It means cleaner water and cleaner air because less pollution is created during manufacture.

Recycling pickup and garbage collection both cost money. The City pays a high price to dispose of waste. The City pays for hauling and disposal of waste, we only pay a hauling fee for Recycling, except when we do not recycling correctly. Currently, in today's market, the City has been responsible to pay "contamination" fees established by our processor, Eco Maine. The City can save money by residents recycling properly. Proper recycling equals no additional fees. 

December of 2019 the City launched a Composing program with the help of Garbage to Garden. Saco residents can bring their composting material to the Parks & Rec facility on Franklin St in Saco, free of charge! Compostable/biodegradable bags can be purchased through Home Depot or at several online outlets in bulk such as Amazon. Should you purchase your 5 gallon container through the City (for $5.00), we will offer you 5 bags for free! You can also line any 5 gal container with a paper bag, newspaper, or paper towels. This will help keep your container clean. All of those items are compostable can be placed in the compost cart! The City hopes to expand on the services with increased participation. Help us Compost today! To see our flyer, please click here
To inquire about purchasing a container, contact us below. 

If you have any questions about single-sort recycling or composting, please feel free to contact Amy Oliver at the Public Works Office at 284-6641 or by email at