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Road Postings

During the winter/spring, Maine roads weaken and they need to be protected. As temperatures warm and the ground thaws, soil under the pavement becomes saturated with water, making pavement unstable. As a result many roads cannot support heavy loads. 
To protect roads from serious damage, The Public Works Department seasonally  will post roads to protect its public infrastructure from damages and pre-mature repairs and or improvements. Our roads are posted in accordance with Title 29-A MRSA 2395

The City does sometimes allow for travel during certain periods of cold weather. This will require permission from our Deputy Director, Travis Moore (207-284-6641) . An exemption certificate will be issued to anyone with permission and must be kept in the vehicle during travel. If you are caught traveling on a posted road without permission you will be issued a fine and may be subject to possible restitution to the city for damages to the road.

Once a Street/Road is posted, NO travel is allowed without daily permissions. Load and weight restrictions will apply. Permissions are granted by Travis Moore, Deputy Director. He can be reached by calling 207-292-2379 or by email

The City of Saco has numerous streets that have year round weight limit postings. Because of inferior structural road capabilities and residential uses these roads will be posted to compliment such uses. Streets having weight limits are as follows:

Permanent postings do not mean you can not "travel" on the road, but they do not allow for "trucking" across the road without department permission. 
Permanent Postings Include:
Garfield St - 5 Tons
Franklin St - 5 Tons
Rocky Hill Rd - 10 tons
Scamman St - 10 Tons
Shadagee Rd - 5 Tons
Tasker St - 5 tons

This list will be updated and can be changed at any time. Please take notice.

We thank you for your assistance in preserving Saco's roads and bridges.

Road postings ordinance