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Snow and ice removal policy

The following policies and procedures will serve as a practical guide for cost-effective snow and ice control in the City of Saco. This policy can be amended as determined by the Department of Public Works when specific changes within the department's structure would cause such a need. 

The Department of Public Works has responsibility of maintaining several essential services. A significant portion of the department's overall efforts is directed towards maintaining essential transportation and utility infrastructure throughout the year. None is more demanding than our 130 miles of transportation services during an extended period of high precipitation, low temperatures and heavy winds, which together characterize a Maine winter. 

The Director of Public Works has direct responsibility for daily operation of all departmental functions reporting to the City Administrator regularly. Day-to-day operations include several different types of functional divisions where services may be required in, around and during the worst of winter storm events. Departments within the Public Works structure are as follows: Public Administration, General Maintenance, Winter Maintenance, Solid Waste-Recycling, Transfer Station, Sewers and Drains, Garage Facilities and Camp Ellis Pier.

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