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Standard Specifications for Construction of Site Improvements in the City of Saco

Prepared for:
City of Saco
Department of Public Works
300 Main Street
Saco, Maine 04072

Prepared by:
DeLuca-Hoffman Associates, Inc. 
Consulting Engineers
778 Main Street, Suite 8
South Portland, Maine 04106

November 2000

The City of Saco has prepared standard specifications for assistance to Owners in performing work in the City. The Owner and the Engineer of Record shall have sole responsibility in reviewing and preparing the specifications for a particular project.

Project specifications are anticipated to be comprised of the following:

  • Cover Sheet (1)
  • Index (1)
  • Advertisement for Bids (1)
  • Information for Bidders (1)
  • Bid Proposal Form (1)
  • City of Saco Standard Div 1 (2)
  • Amendments to Div 1 Specifications (1)
  • City of Saco Standard Div 2 Specifications (2)
  • Amendments to Div 2 Specifications (1)
  • Div 3 to 15 (1)
  • City of Saco Div 16 Specifications (2)
  • Amendments to Div 16 Specifications

(1) This information is to be provided by the Owner or the Engineer of Record.
(2) Div 1 and 2 have bold face italics areas for the project specific information to be provided. This information should be inserted by the Owner. Use the amendment portion to make all other changes.

These specifications are provided to assist Owners and Developers in performing work in the City of Saco. Their existence does not obviate the sole responsibility for the Owner to meet all permit requirements, statutory regulations, insurances, and legal responsibilities for the project.

The City of Saco standard specifications have been developed as part of the Project Impact program designed at making communities more disaster resistant. The intent of the specifications is to reinforce design and construction standards which will complement the Project Impact goals adopted by the City of Saco.

Please note: These are all in the Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF). To learn more about these kinds of files and how you can view them, follow this link.

Section 01000 General Requirements
Section 01001 General Provisions
Section 01002 Control of Work
Section 01010 Layout of Work
Section 01020 Allowances
Section 01025 Measurement and Payment
Section 01090 Definitions and Standards
Section 01100 Alternates
Section 01300 Submittals
Section 01400 Quality Control
Section 01500 Construction Facilities and Temporary Controls
Section 01505 Mobilization
Section 01510 Provisions for Excavations of Public Ways
Section 01520 Highlights of Utility Accommodations Along State Highways
Section 01560 Temporary Controls
Section 01570 Traffic Control and Signage
Section 01600 Material and Equipment
Section 01700 Contract Closeout

Section 02050 Demolition
Section 02100 Site Preparation
Section 02200 Earthwork
Section 02220 Excavation, Backfill and Compaction
Section 02227 Aggregate Material
Section 02229 Rock Removal
Section 02242 Concrete Modular Retaining Wall
Section 02245 Soil Stabilization
Section 02246 Loam, Soil, Compost Mix
Section 02270 Slope Protection and Erosion Control
Section 02505 Paving Base and Subbase Course
Section 02511 Asphaltic Concrete Paving
Section 02520 Portland Cement Concrete Paving
Section 02525 Curb and Sidewalks
Section 02584 Pavement Markings
Section 02586 Traffic Signals
Section 02588 Conduits
Section 02605 Manhole and Catch Basin Structures
Section 02660 Water Distribution Systems
Section 02720 Storm Sewer Systems
Section 02730 Sanitary Sewer Systems
Section 02740 Pump Stations
Section 02830 Site Improvements
Section 02831 Sitework Fencing and Gates
Section 02846 Signage
Section 02900 Landscaping, Seeding and Sodding

Stone Check Dam
Ditch Turnout
Straw or Hay Bale Barrier
Hay Bale Barrier
Siltation Fence Detail
Stabilized Construction Entrance
Level Lip Spreader
Level Lip Spreader Outlet Typical Section
Vegetated Swale
Erosion Control Mesh
Stone Sediment Barrier
Riprap Swale
Culvert Inlet Apron
Culvert Outlet Apron
Riprap Plunge Pool
RCP Flared End With Bar Rack Detail
Temporary Riser Detail
Riprap Slope Protection Detail
Turf Reinforcement Blanket Detail
4' Diameter Precast Catch Basin
4' Diameter Precast Catch Basin With Curb Inlet
Catch Basin Type D
Gutter Grade Transition At Catch Basin
4' Diameter Precast Storm Drain Manhole
Large Diameter Storm Drain Manhole And Catch Basin With Flat Top
Core and Seal Connection To Existing Storm Drain Manhole
Etheridge Foundry Casco Trap Detail
Manhole Channel Installation
Typical Underdrain Trench Section
Pavement Repair Utility Pipe Trench Section
Curb Openings For Drainage Outlet
Temporary Bypass Line For Drainage Channel
Temporary Bypass Line For Drainage Channel
Temporary Bypass Line For Drainage Channel
Outlet Control Structure
Typical Cross Sections
Orifice Detail
Orifice Strainer Detail
Anti-Seep Collar
Stormwater Pond Baffle Detail
Precast Concrete Stormceptor Detail Small Unit
Precast Concrete Stormceptor Detail Large Unit
Observation Well Detail
Precast Stormwater Oil/Water/Grit Separator
Driveway Culvert
Typical Pump Station Site Plan
Precast Concrete Curb Stop Detail
Typical Driveway Pavement Section
Guard Post Detail
Landscape Planing Detail
Electrical Control Module Plan View, Elevation and Riser Detail
Pump Station Valve Chamber Plan View and Cross Section
Submersible Pump Station Plan View And Cross Section
Air Release Manhole Plan View And Cross Section
Cleanout Manhole Plan View And Cross Section
ForceMaine Terminus Manhole Detail
Typical Pipe Trench Section
Thrust Block Detail
4' Precast Manhole
Manhole Channel Invert Installation
Grinder Pump Station