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Street Maintenance

STREET SWEEPING & LITTER PICK UP Street sweeping is a function done by the public works to prevent 3 main things:
  • Reduce traffic hazards due to build up of sand on roadways, not to mention beautify city streets;
  • Prevent our sewer and storm drains from clogging with dirt or debris and create flooding or back up conditions;
  • Lessen the risk of a health hazard due to dust in the air.

sweeperOur sweeping season is generally from early April through Mid November, weather and temperature permitting. The City will start with main roads, high traffic areas, eventually working our way through side streets and neighborhoods. This complete cycle can take 10-12 weeks to complete. Once each street has been completed, we start the process over again always beginning with Main Routes/High traffic roads. The city has nearly 400 public ways that receive sweeping per season. If you feel your street has been missed during our cycle, please feel free to fill out our online request form

Litter Pick up is mainly a spring/summer operation for our department.

Road side mowing is generally done on the outskirts of our downtown area. We try and concentrate on corners and intersections first and work our way around.

Public works does our best to keep our eyes everywhere, but that's not always possible or feasible. Should you notice a pothole please advise our office immediately so we can properly repair it before it causes significant damage to someone's vehicle. You may use our online work order request form for this purpose. Please note that per Maine state law, municipalities do not assume liability for damages sustained to a vehicle unless the pothole was reported but not repaired within the 24-hour period following the time of actual notice.