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Street Opening Moratoriums

No Excavation Permits are issued for any active Listing

Current Moratoriums Fulldate   *Upcoming Paving Spring/Summer 2020
Ada Ave 11/17/2020   Abby Lane
Allison Dr 9/1/2020   Birch Hill Lane
Anderson Ln 10/13/2022   Birchcroff Lane
Ashwood Drive 6/14/2021   Chases Lane
Ashswamp Rd 6/1/2023   Glenwood Ave
Bartlett St 5/1/2020   Gooch St
Bayview Rd (Plymouth to Ferry) 6/1/2021    Lincoln St (Elm St to Market)
Bay Ave 5/21/2024    Maple St - (by the State)
Beach Ave 5/21/2024    Meadow Ave
Beacon Ave 10/25/2023    Ocean Park Rd - by the State
Blackberry Lane 8/1/2020    Scrimshaw Lane
Blueberry Ln 10/13/2022    Winding Brook Lane
Boom Road (High Point Dr to New County Rd) 6/9/2021   Woodland Ave
Boothby Rd 10/13/2022   Proposed Paving Summer/ Fall 2020
Bradley St (Tasker to Pine St) 8/1/2021   Academy Ave
Bradley St (Tasker to overpass) 6/1/2021   Charles Street
Camp Ellis Ave 10/31/2023   Chelsea Circle
Caryn Drive 8/27/2024   Forest St (North St side)
Chantelle Way 6/15/2022   Hobsons Lane
Charles St 10/13/2022   Lehner Rd
Cleveland St 6/1/2020   Parker Circle
Colonial Dr 9/17/2021   Paul Ave
Cove Ave 5/21/2024   Pine Ridge Road
Deering St  5/1/2020   Rotary Drive
Dixie Ave 10/13/2022   Ryan Road
Eagle Ave 10/25/2023   South Street
East Labonte Ave 8/27/2024   Storer Street
Eastern Ave 5/21/2024    
Edgewater Ln 9/16/2021    
Fairhaven Ave 10/25/2023    
Foley Ave 8/27/2024    
Foxhill Lane 8/1/2020    
Garfield St 6/19/2024    
Goosefare Ln  8/8/2021    
Grant St 6/8/2022    
Grant Rd 6/22/2023    
Gray St 8/9/2023    
Hall Ave 5/4/2022    
Heath Rd  7/19/2021    
High St 9/28/2022    
Hubbard St (Applewood to Bradley) 11/1/2020    
Industrial Park Rd (North to Spring Hill Rd) 9/1/2023    
James St 8/27/2024    
Kimberly Dr 10/28/2020    
Lamport Rd 10/13/2022    
Lebanon Rd 10/13/2022    
Lewis Ln 9/21/2022    
Main St (Beach to Biddeford TL) - State 10/1/2023    
Maple Ave 5/21/2024    
Margurite Rd 10/13/2022    
Masthill Rd 6/3/2024    
McKenney Rd (Grant Rd to TL) 7/1/2022    
Meadow Lane 9/16/2022    
Mechanic St 10/13/2022    
Mill Ln 10/13/2022    
Milliken Mills Rd 5/1/2020    
New County Rd (Route 5) 8/1/2021    
North Ave 5/21/2024    
Northwood Lane 6/26/2022    
Nott St 6/26/2022    
Nye St 6/15/2022    
Oakwood Dr 9/17/2021    
Old Flag Pond Rd 10/13/2022    
Old New County Road 5/3/2021    
Park Rd 10/13/2022    
Pearl St 5/21/2024    
Pine Tree Ave 5/21/2024    
Pond Ave 10/25/2023    
Promenade Ave 9/18/2024    
Ranwall Ave 10/13/2022    
Ricker Rd 6/3/2024    
Riverside Ave 5/21/2024    
Rivers Edge Lane 5/6/2021    
Ross Rd (woodman to TL) 8/9/2021    
Ross Rd (Woodman to Main St) 10/13/2022    
Scamman St 10/13/2022    
Shepard Ave 9/18/2024    
Simpson Rd 7/14/2022    
Spruce St 6/27/2022    
Stacy Street 11/6/2020    
Stockman Ave Ext 11/10/2022    
Stuart St 6/27/2022    
Summer St 6/1/2020    
Sunrise Ave 10/25/2023    
Sunset Ave 10/25/2023    
Tiffany Ln 9/16/2022    
Union St 6/27/2022    
Ura Street 11/6/2020    
Vernon St 9/18/2024    
Virginia Ave 10/13/2022    
Water St 7/1/2020    
Watson Mill Rd (masthill to grant) 9/1/2020    
West St 5/21/2024    
Weymouth St 9/17/2024    
Whitten Dr 9/1/2020    
Woodcock Avenue 8/27/2024    
Updated: 1/15/2020      

When a street, road, ave or lane is paved within the City, a 5 year moratorium is placed. A moratorium prevents digging within those areas. Once a moratorium is placed permits are not issued for excavation work unless for a failed sewer or water service. We do not make exceptions for new utility connections. Notices are sent typically 3-6 months in advance for this purpose. The list above exemplifies streets currently on a moratorium and those that are scheduled to receive payment within the near future.