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Street Opening Permits

Do I Need a Street Opening Permit?

CONSTRUCTION SEASON FYI'S: Building a new house? Buying a new house? Need a new driveway or repaving a driveway? We can help.

As part of the City’s Street Opening Program for contractors working in the City Right-of-Way there are numerous questions that the City strives to help answer for both the resident and the contractor performing work.

Please be advised, that per State and City requirements ANY person(s) paving or excavating in the City Right-of-Way (To include driveways and sidewalks) is REQUIRED to file either a Driveway or Street Opening Permit and be a licensed City contractor; approved by the Saco Public works Department to perform work in the City of Saco. 

Online Street Opening Permit (same form used for driveway)
Click here to apply for a Street Opening Permit Online. 

DIG SAFE NOTIFICATIONS and Traffic Control All permit applications must include the project site DIG SAFE number in order for the permit application to be processed. For projects working in City streets, a comprehensive traffic control plan must also be included. 

Any excavation or work being done in the city right of way requires a permit from the Public Works Department. This work can also include stone wall and fence installations as well as mailboxes. The Right of way often extends 3-6 feet from the edge of roadway. If you have questions on whether you are in the right of way, or your work requires a permit, please email or call our office. Permit inquiries can be sent to  or 207-284-6641

The best way of determining if you will be working in the city right-of-way is to find your property pins, as the width varies from street to street. Should anyone install any type of obstruction within the right-of-way without permission, it must be removed at the owner's expense. 

Street Opening Process (Effective July 2017)
The Street opening permit process was amended and approved by City Council. Any Contractor doing work within the public right-of-way is required to become licensed within the City. There are 2
separate license applications. Paving contractors and Excavator Contractors each file a separate license. The applications are available below and will require an application fee along with either a bond or escrow to be set up per year the contractor wishes to perform work within the city right of way. The permit is called "street opening" however this is just the term, the same permit is used for driveways and curb cuts. 

Excavator Application
Paving Contractor Application
Sample Bond Language

We will post an approved contractor list periodically to help individuals locate excavators or pavers who are already licensed in the City

Licensed Paving & Excavating Contractors
Current list as of 02/12/2021

City Code - Chapter 186: Streets and Sidewalks
Please read over the codes carefully to ensure all regulations are followed. Codes also display a fee schedule.
City code regarding permits (you'll need to search for "New Laws" after you arrive at this link and select Amendment to Ch 186)

Looking to expand your driveway or add a second driveway? The City does have specific regulations pertaining to driveway widths and adding a second one. If you would like to see if you qualify, please see our regulations posted in the City Codes

Dig Safe Notification
Please also note that any excavation within the right of way or on private property requires you to notify all of the surrounding utilities to mark out there infrastructure.  Please see our Dig Safe / Utility Mark Out Notification page for more information.

Street Application Permit
Download Street Opening Application form
Apply online

For questions regarding the street opening application process, contact Nicole Tarring at or call (207)284-6641.