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The Swap Shop

Don't toss it, swap it!
Got an old table in your garage? A lawnmower that works, but you don't need it anymore? See if you can swap it!

Welcome to the City of Saco's Swap Shop. This area was created at the Transfer Facility for residents to leave "usable" items and materials for other residents to use. Residents may drop off items that have some useful life in them as well as pick up something that might be of use to them! Although it is called a "Swap Shop" you do not need to take an item if you leave an item.

Smooth operation of the swap shop requires the help from all Saco Residents. The swap shop is meant for "desired" products to remove them from the waste stream. That will require some judgment on what should be saved and what should be thrown. For this, we allow the on duty attendant to decide. The answer they conclude is final. Please do not loiter at the Swap Shop waiting for items to arrive. Feel free to leave your information with the attendant if you are looking for something specific. If a resident has something to dispose of that you are looking for, the attendant will not charge that resident a disposal fee and the item is kept in the swap shop area.

We do limit the drop off and pick up area to Saco Residents only, as you do have to be a Saco Resident to enter our facility. Every drop off will require the approval of the attendant and could result in wait time.
If we have too many of any one item, the attendant has a right to refuse drop off, even if the item is usable and working.

What items we will accept:
Working small electronic appliances
Working tools
Mobility assistance items (walkers, crutches, wheelchairs)
Lawn mowers
Weed whackers
Chain saws
Other lawn and garden equipment all in working condition
Furniture (non upholstered)
Other furniture with no damage
usable cabinets

We will not accept box televisions, computer equipment, mattress/box springs, furniture such as couches or chairs, paints, food items, clothing, books, hazardous material, any broken or sharp objects