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Trash disposal

Household trash

Trash & Recycling Collection during snow storms: Pine Tree Waste will typically collect during snow storms. If they elect to cancel, an announcement will be made on News stations (6, 8 & 13) as well as, the City will email a notification to anyone signed up for our parking ban/cancellation notices email list. An announcement will be made on our all City Facebook pages and our website home page.

Household trash should be placed in the GREEN cart provided by the city and placed curbside the day of your scheduled pickup by 6:00 am. All trash must be placed in City issued carts. Any items left beside, on top, or in non city carts will not be collected. For more information on our curbside program, please follow this link. 

Collection is provided by Pine Tree Waste. Should you have a problem with your collection, you may contact them at 934-2525

Overflow Trash
The City of Saco contracts with Eco-Maine in Portland for trash disposal. Therefore, there is not a designated drop off for food waste trash if you miss a collection. A lot of times, trash carts become overfilled with items that are not meant for your curbside cart.  The only items meant for your curbside collection are bags of kitchen trash. If you are cleaning out your basement or attic and bagged your items, those can be brought to the transfer station. If you have overflow kitchen/food waste bags, you can wait until your next week's collection or pay a $3.00 per bag fee at the Transfer Station. We have a 2 bag limit per household at a time. DO NOT USE BROWN OR BLUE CARTS FOR TRASH! This method becomes very costly to the City. By using recycling carts for trash, you are contaminating the full truck of recycling, and we will be fined for this.

The City will allow for TWO (2) Extra bags next to your cart the FIRST collection day after Thanksgiving and Christmas ONLY.  Please do not place bags on top of the carts, as this may result in your entire cart not being collected. The automatic arm can not lift a cart with bags or any other type of debris not in the container securely.

Cans, bottles, newsprint, cardboard and most plastics are recycled using the BROWN cart. More information on this can be found on our recycling page. Excess recyclables that don't fit in the cart can be brought to the city's transfer station on Foss Road (as of October 15, 2013

BULK CARDBOARD Here are options for bulk cardboard from commercial operations.

  • Rechargeable batteries (tools, cellphones, etc.) may be recycled at boxes at the Public Works Department, 351 North Street and at the Transfer Station on Foss Road. For more information about rechargeable batteries, follow this link.
  • NiCad and button cell batteries can be brought to a Household Hazardous Waste Day for safe disposal
  • Alkaline batteries (AA, AAA, C, D, 9v) can be placed in your usual household trash.Want to know why?
  • Lead-acid batteries (auto, garden equipment) can be brought to any auto parts store for recycling

Are picked up by the city in the late fall. We will post pickup dates on the Public Works home page. Leaves must be placed in biodegradeable paper bags in order to be collected. Leaves and grass may also be brought to the city transfer station on Foss Road during normal operating hours at no cost to residents. There is a fee for Contractor disposal. The City does NOT provide a spring curbside pick up.

Brush less than 3 inches in diameter may be brought to the transfer station.  Saco residents can dispose of brush for $3.00 a yard. Contractors can dispose of brush for $5.00 per yard.  The City does not provide curbside pick up of brush.

Stumps may be taken to Community Recycling in Scarborough. The City of Saco does not accept them.

Bulky items
Bulky items (furniture, old wood, mattresses, etc may be brought to the city transfer station on Foss Road. No permit is required, just proof a residency. A fee will typically be applied.

Large metal objects
Large metal objects such as appliances, bicycles, etc. may be brought to the transfer station

Are accepted at the Transfer Station typically without fee or yardage usage for disposal. Metal waste may also be brought to AIM Recycling in Arundel, a company that pays you for recycling. Their telephone number is 985-4892.

Waste Oil
Waste oil can be dropped off at the Public Works Department, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 7:00 am and 3:00 pm. Oil must be in clear plastic containers if you intend to leave the containers. Oil must be free of all contaminants such as gas, water or dirt. We can only accept a maximum of a 5 gallons per visit. You must check into the main office upon each drop off.

Household Hazardous Waste
Information on disposing of household hazardous waste can be found by following this link.

Old paint cans
Latex Paint is disposable on your own and is not considered hazardous as long as the paint is dried out. You may allow the paint to dry by removing the lid and air drying, or pouring liquid paint into a trash bag and mixing with an absorbent material such as kitty litter or speedy dry. The trash bag of dried paint can go in your trash cart for collection. The cans are recyclable if clean of paint residue, but not the lids. The cans with dried on paint can also be accepted at the transfer station with use of your pass.

Paint recycling
Did you know you can recycle your paints year round? By following this link Locate Paint Care, you can find a facility near you that will accept your paints. Also be sure to check with the site you chose to view their restrictions. Some have you call ahead, some limit how much at one time. Most places accept both Latex and oil based paints.

Electronic equipment, fluorescent lamps
Universal waste (wastes that contain mercury such as thermometers, fluorescent lamps, ballasts, computers, televisions and other electronics) must be taken to the transfer station

There is a fee to dispose of these items. For a list of Universal waste items and their associated fees, follow this link.