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Winter Emergency Parking Bans

Emergency Parking Bans
If a significant storm is predicted, a parking ban may be ordered. The parking ban will prohibit parking on city streets allowing the crews to perform their job quickly and efficiently. During parking bans, the Transfer Station is closed, allowing the department to have more personnel available to fight the storm. If trash and recycling collection is impacted by a parking ban, the change in collection will be shared with the parking ban notification. 

How can I find out about parking bans? 
Bans will be announced on local radio and tv stations. You can also sign up for email notifications on our website or call our parking ban hotline at 282-SNOW (7669).

Be sure to follow the City of Saco on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay up to date with parking bans and cancellations. 

Where can I park during Parking Bans? 
The only location that allows for overnight parking within the City of Saco is the Long-Term parking lot at the Amtrack Train station. Overnight parking is not allowed on any other city owned parking lot and vehicles will be towed. Please see the map below for more information about parking in the East Lot or West Lot. 

Transportation Center Parking Lot FINAL