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Saco Sewer User Abatement Policy

Sewer Abatement Policy 


If, in the opinion of the Superintendent, the wastewater did enter the collection system, then partial abatements may be given based on the following criteria:

If, in the opinion of the Superintendent, water entered the sewer system from a leaking fixture, then the Superintendent can abate up to 50% of the consumption above the highest consumption value for the billing period over the previous three years. In the event that the previous billing consumption values are unrealistic or are suspect, then the Superintendent shall substitute representative consumption values.

Abatement Amount = (Disputed consumption - highest consumption) x 50% 

The City may issue a "make-up" bill for services that the user received, but that was previously unbilled.

  1. If the "make-up" bill is for service that was unbilled because of an error made by the City or Maine Water Company or a meter failure that could not reasonably have been detected by either the City, the Water Company, or the user, then the City may bill or collect for services that occurred for one (1) year prior to the issuance of the "make-up" bill. The City may allow the user to enter into a payment plan for the "make-up" bill for a period that does not exceed one (1) year from the issuance of the "make-up" bill.
  2. If the "make-up" bill is for service that was previously unbilled because of unauthorized use or fraud by the user, then the City may bill for service that occurred up to ten (10) years before the issuance of the "make-up" bill.
  3. In all cases where actual flow data is unavailable, the Superintendent shall estimate the water usage based on historical usage, comparable facilities, or engineering estimates.
If a person, other than the owner of the property, intentionally causes fixtures to discharge to the Sewer System, then the Superintendent may abate a reasonable portion of the consumption provided the owner:
  1. Prosecutes the person committing the criminal activity.
  2. Shows proof that a claim to the owner's insurance company was filled and denied.
Any user who feels that his/her abatement as determined by the Superintendent is unfair or unjust shall have the right to appeal to the City Council. Appeals shall be limited to consumption value determinations only. The user shall provide a written testimony detailing why the abatement was not fair and evidence supporting his/her claim of actual consumption.