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Billing FAQ

Water Resource Recovery Department Billing FAQ
Please review the following frequently asked questions and answers. If you'd like to pay your sewer bill, please visit  Maine Water's website by clicking here

Q: Who handles the sewer billing for the residents of the City of Saco?
A: The Maine Water Company is responsible for the billing, cash receipts and customer service for the City of Saco’s sewer usage fees.

Q: What are the benefits of the Maine Water Company sewer billing service?
A: E-billing, debit or credit card payments and online access to account, as well as a larger customer service base.

Q: Who should I contact when I have a sewer billing question?
A: Maine Water Company at (207) 282-1543.

Q: Where should I mail my sewer payments?
A: Maine Water Company, 93 Industrial Park Rd, Saco, ME 04072-1504. Please make check payable to “Maine Water Company” and be sure to include your sewer account number in the memo of the check.

Q: Other than via mail, what are some other ways sewer payments can be made?
A: Sewer payments can also be made via:
• Maine Water Company office located at 93 Industrial Park Road in Saco – at the customer service desk 8:00am-4:30pm M-F or after hours at the drop box on the left side of the main entrance.
• Automatic withdrawal - fill out an authorization form with Maine Water Company and the current balance due will be deducted from the specified bank account on the bill due date.
• Online at
• Any Bangor Savings Bank branch in the state of Maine.

Q: Where can I purchase a sub meter?
A: Contact Maine Water Company for details on what submeter to purchase.

Q: I have installed my sub meter, how do I start receiving credit?
A: Once the sub meter is properly installed, call the Water Resource Recovery Department (207) 282-3564 to request an inspection, free of charge. Sub meter credit will not be given until the sub meter is inspected.

Q: When and where do I call in my sub meter readings?
A: Sub meter readings need to be called in every July and October. If sub meters go unread for a long period of time this can result in overpayment or under billing problems. All sub meter readings need to be called in to Maine Water Company at (207) 282-1543.