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WRRD Department Overview

The City of Saco Water Resource Recovery Department (WRRD) provides our customers with high quality wastewater services through responsible, sustainable, and creative stewardship of the resources and assets we manage. We do this with a productive and talented workforce, while always striving for excellence. We accomplish this by protecting the health and well-being of all who live, work, and play within the city by conveying all liquid waste from their homes and businesses to the treatment facility for processing. Along with that is the protection of one of the city’s largest resources, the Saco River. It provides a tremendous recreational value to all citizens and a revenue to numerous entities.

Meet our Team
Our staff at the Water Resource Recovery Department provide their essential service to our community members each day. Check out this YouTube video featuring some of the great team members we have here in Saco, and the rewarding career they have experienced at the Saco WRRD. Consider subscribing to our YouTube channel to see more videos about municipal government and the Saco community.

Our Team is comprised of water professionals who engage in continuous innovation: 
  • Howard Carter, Director 
  • Stacy Thompson, Deputy Director 
  • Riley Cobb, Lead Operator 
  • John Boucher, Mechanic 
  • Andrew Whitaker, Mechanic 
  • James Ferguson, Operator 
  • Keith Anderson, Operator 
  • Matt Szuter, Operator
  • Ralph Whitney, Electrical Instrumentation Specialist 
  • Jacqueline McDonough, Office Manager 
  • Emily Cole-Prescott, Compliance Manager

See what it's like to be an Operator at WRRD: 

Where does your wastewater go? 

Sewer services support economic development and smart growth initiatives: 

department collaborations  
Saco WRRD has been invited to partner with the U.S. EPA on workforce development and integrating community priorities into utility investments. The following case studies highlight these collaborations:

  • EPA Case Study about the Augmented Alternative Analysis process - pending publication 
Saco WRRD team members have also been featured in several water sector publications. 

department achievements 
The Saco WRRD team has received several awards and honors in recognition of its work and contributions to the clean water field:
  • Energy Management Award from New England Water Environment Association, 2015 
  • George W. Burke, Jr. Facility Safety Award from Water Environment Federation, 2009 
  • Operations and Maintenance Excellence Award from U.S. EPA, 2002 
  • National First Place Award for Combined Sewer Overflow Control Program Excellence from U.S. EPA, 2000 
The WRRD utilizes an enterprise fund to promote and maintain long-term financial sustainability of its Water Resource activities. The fund is a separate accounting and financial reporting mechanism for which revenues and expenditures are segregated with financial statements separate from all other governmental activities. The fund identifies the total direct and indirect costs to provide the service and the sources and amounts of revenues that support the service for which a fee is charged in exchange for service. You can learn more about the budget process by visiting the Finance Department's budget page: City Budget Process