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Impact fee explanation

The City of Saco currently has two impact fees: The Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) and Sewer Impact fee. The impact fees cover the cost of capital improvements to the collection system and the wastewater treatment plant respectively. The fees help increase capacity of the system as new users are put online. The city is authorized to collect fees under Section 176-34C and Section 176-99 of the city code. In short, any use that contributes wastewater to the wastewater system is subject to impact fees.

Who Pays the Impact Fee?
Impact fees are paid by new construction or industrial /commercial expansions or changes in use that contribute additional flow.

What are the Fees?
The Sewer Impact Fee is $2,700 per single family home. The CSO Impact Fee is $15.55 per gallon of discharge. The CSO fees are adjusted annually in July for inflation. Industrial and commercial fee determinations are based on the number of single-family equivalents or Equivalent Dwelling Units (EDU).

When are Fees Paid?
Impact fees are paid when the building permit is obtained and are due in full. In unusual circumstances, the city may delay payment of fees while the discharge quantity and quality are assessed by the WRRD. Certain types of use may be eligible for credits or extended payments on the CSO impact fee, as provided in the city code.

Why do we have fees?
The fees allow the city to recover a fair portion of the infrastructure improvements made by the city to accommodate new users. Without the impact fee, existing tax and sewer rate payers would be asked to pick up the cost of providing additional improvements for new development.