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The City of Saco Water Resource Recovery Department (WRRD) provides services to enhance the public health, comfort and well-being of the community, while protecting the environment and promoting economic development and retention.

As the WRRD looks forward to a changing climate, we have identified strains on the Water Resource Recovery Facility’s (WRRF) resiliency due to flooding impacts from the following factors: sea level rise, quantity and quality of wastewater entering the facility and on-site stormwater management.

The WRRD has facilitated the creation of a climate adaptation plan to study potential options moving forward. You can view the executive summary by clicking the link below.

Water Resource Recovery Facility Effluent Pump Station, Wet-Weather Treatment Improvements, and Climate Change Adaptation Plan - PDF

The strains on the WRRF were evident on Dec. 14, 2019, when rain, high tide, and snowmelt conditions coincided. See the video below, narrated by WRRD Director Howard Carter, which takes you through the treatment plant on that day: