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Report a Problem

See a pothole? Have a broken trash or recycling cart? Notice a traffic light issue? Tell us! Click on the link below to access "Talk to my City" a mobile app to report issues and submit requests. 

Enter Service Requests Here

Citizens who report issues will have the ability to track and monitor their requests status if an account is created. You can look back to how many requests you’ve made, how long ago you made them, and when they were completed. If you don’t want to create an account, no worries! You can also sign in as a guest user and still enter your request. Simple as that. We welcome citizen feedback and will be monitoring the application regularly in an effort to continuously improve its effectiveness.

**Please note, requests will typically only be handled during working hours. Should you have an emergency that requires immediate attention, we always recommend calling the non-emergency police dispatch line at 284-4535.

What is Talk To my City? How do I create an account?

iWorQ’s has created an even better way to report or request issues to the City of Saco! “Talk to my City” is the City's new customer service tool that allows citizens to quickly and easily report quality of life issues. Report it using the form above, or download the iWorQ Service Request Mobile App for your Smartphone via the Apple or Android App Store.


 Enter Saco’s Agency Code Sac01 (Capital “S” a c the number 0 and 1) it is case sensitive.

From there, you can sign on with Google or Facebook if you have existing accounts for either, create an account, or sign on as a guest user.


We Can't do it all, some issues are handled by other agencies:

  • Street Light Issues or Downed power lines CMP: 1-800-750-4000 (CMP also has an online request form available here )
  • Street Light installation Policy and Request form
  • Tree trimming around power lines CMP: 1-800-972-8600
  • Water Issues including shut off covers  or hydrants - Maine Water: 282-1543 or 1-800-287-1643
  • Trash and Recycling Curbside pick up Pine Tree Waste: 934-2525
  • Signage. Changing existing or adding new signs (speed limit or parking, ect) Traffic Safety Committe through the Saco Police Dept. 282-8214
  • City tree pruning and or removal - Saco Parks & Rec Dept - 283-3139
  • Ordinance Violations - Code Enforcement Office - 284-6983