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City Council Goals and Focus Areas

The City Council went through a strategic direction setting exercise in January 2020. See their Focus Areas and Adopted Council Goals below. 

Growth & Innovation
Goal: Guide and promote best practices in planning, land use, and economic development.

Environmental Sustainability
Goal: Implement resiliency measures to foster environmental sustainability and mitigate the effects of climate change and coastal erosion.

Quality Service
Goal: Invest in technology, infrastructure, and resources to ensure sustainable service delivery and facility maintenance.

Financial Stability
Goal: Ensure an equitable and sustainable tax base that offers diverse residential and commercial opportunities.

Transportation & Transit
Goal: Support an inter-connected, multi-modal transportation system to accommodate community growth and meet service level expectations.

Transparency & Engagement
Goal: Foster interdepartmental collaboration, enhance transparency, and promote citizen engagement.

Livable Community
Goal: Enhance park infrastructure, community services, and opportunities for recreation.

Organizational Excellence
Goal: Enhance recruitment, retention, and professional development strategies to maximize service delivery.

Goal: Evaluate city ordinances, policies, and the charter, and update or amend to reflect current and relevant standards.