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Housing Safety Inspection Program

In July of 2017, the City Council adopted a Multifamily Dwelling Unit Ordinance (Chapter 147) to develop a Housing Safety Inspection Program that ensures safe and sanitary living conditions for the residents of multifamily dwellings. Under this program, all properties with three or more apartments need to be registered and inspected regularly. During these inspections, the Code Enforcement team works with the Saco Fire Department to identify concerns and communicates these to the property owners to ensure all rental properties meet the minimum standards for life safety protection.

Buildings built before the adoption of today's more rigorous life safety codes, combined with a lack of regular inspections, has contributed to the loss of life and property in surrounding communities over the past few years. Regular property inspections help to make sure safety mechanisms work properly, such as early notification of fire. Working smoke alarms help protect the tenants, the inspected rental property, as well as neighboring properties. We recognize that older properties can present unique challenges. It is our goal to find solutions that are affordable but still adequately address any safety concerns.

Owner(s) of a multifamily dwelling building shall register their ownership with the City. Registrations are due October 1st of each calendar year or within 30 days of purchase of the property.

Please visit to learn more. Our Code Enforcement team is happy to answer any questions you may have. Please email or call us at (207)284-6983.