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Compassionate Policing

You may have seen the headline this week – "Saco police officer replaces 6-year-old's stolen gum."

After Jana Mailman Keegan was the victim of a car break-in, her daughter was sure the thief had also made away with a few pieces of her gum. One week later, a package arrived on their doorstep with a letter and three gum packs from the investigating officer at the Saco Police Department.

Officer Allen deserves recognition for this compassionate act, but she would try and brush it off if you thanked her. "It's not just me, anyone at the Saco PD would have done this," she said after visiting with the family on September 10th, on her day off.

Keegan said that receiving the card with replacement bubble gum impacted her daughters, and that they won't forget. "I mean, what a good impression for my kids," Keegan told WGME. "Here, this cop takes her time to let my girls know she's thinking about them still, like how sweet."

The Saco Police Department's values are Professionalism, Accountability, Compassion, Trust (PACT). Officer Allen is exemplary in her commitment to the department's values and the community in general, as demonstrated through her professional and compassionate handling of this investigation. We feel fortunate to have community-oriented police officers like Officer Allen serving Saco.

We want to thank Mrs. Keegan and her family for sharing her daughters' interaction with the Saco PD, which spread across social media and then made it to the news with this story:

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