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Zoning Ordinance Revision

At last night's meeting, the Saco City Council voted 7-0 to repeal and replace the Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision Regulations, and Zoning Map, to be effective in 90 days – April 11, 2021, following a multi-year process outlined on our website at

After the public hearing on January 4, 2021, city staff brought forward three amendments. At the meeting last night, the Council voted to send these amendments back to the Planning Board, as required by City Code, for review, public hearing, and recommendation:
1) Reinstate the R5MU District to be consistent with the Comprehensive Plan;
2) Reinstate Master Planned Development in the Route 1 Corridor, to be consistent with the Comprehensive Plan; and
3) Change LDR zoned parcels to Industrial, to allow access to Industrially zoned parcels.

The Planning Board will have a public hearing on these amendments, likely mid-February. The amendments will then come back before the City Council for another public hearing before potential adoption.

We value your input on all aspects of our local government and encourage you to participate in these upcoming public hearings. If you would like to keep up with Planning Board and City Council meetings without checking our website, social media, or the newspaper, visit to sign up for e-mail notifications.

As future meetings and public hearings on this issue are scheduled, we will keep you in the loop through both print and digital announcements.

View the Zoning section of last night's Council meeting directly with this link: