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FY2022 Budget Process Underway

The FY2022 Municipal Budget process kicked off on March 22 with the City Administrator, Bryan Kaenrath, presenting his proposed municipal budget for the coming year. The municipal budget details all of the expenses and revenues that the City of Saco needs to provide its citizens' quality services for a full fiscal year (July 1st - June 30th). Each year, the city and schools determine the budgets that are needed to continue service delivery, or in some cases, expanded services.
The School Board approves a school budget to move forward to the City Council for consideration. To follow along with the Schools' budget process, visit
On the city side, the Council will hear from each municipal department during presentations throughout April, with a public hearing set for April 26th. The public hearing is an excellent opportunity to provide feedback or support for various initiatives and programs. You can find the information about how to participate at
If you have any questions about the budget, please email We are happy to answer your questions.
As we receive questions, answers will be posted on the webpage, listed below, and shared during the Administrative Update portion of City Council meetings.
Find all municipal budget information at

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