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Main Street Study

The City of Saco is experiencing worsening access and congestion along Main Street from the King Street intersection to the interchange at Exit 2 of I-195. These conditions have necessitated the development of the Main Street Access Study by the City of Saco through the Portland Area Comprehensive Transportation Committee (PACTS). 

The purpose and goal of the study is to identify short, mid and long term recommendations to address vehicular, pedestrian and bicyclist traffic access issues while balancing the competing needs of traffic movement and land access. This study is intended to be utilized as a tool by the City of Saco to use when capital improvement, development, and re-development projects occur. 

The development of the study has included coordination efforts with the City staff, Maine Department of Transportation, Southern Maine Regional Planning Commission, PACTS, the Saco business community and the citizens of Saco. In addition to the coordination efforts the available traffic data, accident data, a survey of the community and a planning workshop with the public were used in preparing the study. 

The recommendations of the study included the following techniques to improve access and reduce congestion safety along this section of Main Street:

  • Driveway elimination, sharing and narrowing
  • Rear access roads along Main Street and the rear access roads
  • Formal bicycle lanes
  • Pedestrian crosswalk location
  • Traffic signal coordination and interconnection
  • 3, 4 and 5-lane roadway considerations
  • Additional signage to assist users to their destinations
  • Additional green space and landscaping The specific recommendations along the corridor can be found within the recommendations section of the study.
The implementation of the recommendations will systematically provide a safe and efficient environment for the motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians, businesses, homes, shops and the Saco community for years to come.


The full study and appendices A & B

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