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Other documents

Bicycle-Pedestrian Master Plan, 2004-09 (PDF file, 4.9MB)

Spartan Bay Agreement, signed 9/20/07 (PDF file, 1.2MB)

Waste handling contract with Ecomaine (PDF file, 940K)

2006-07 Road projects PDF file, 576KB

2007-07 Road Projects Map

Waste hauler truck routes (PDF file, 12K)

Resolution Opposing An Act to Limit Property Taxes to 1% of Full Cash Value

Code Amendment: Police Department

Purchase and Sale Agreement for National Guard Armory

Enviroline Operator Manual (MERC odor complaints) (PDF file, 1.6 MB)

Construction Specifications for Site Improvements

Waste Handling Agreement

City of Saco Goals 2000 Report