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Senior Citizen Resources

Senior Citizen Resources Guide

Here are some of the resources available to senior citizens living in Saco.
For a more comprehensive list, please visit the State of Maine's senior citizen and elderly resources page.

The City of Saco offers programs to assist qualifying Senior Citizens with their property tax burden.  Senior Citizens are encouraged to submit an application for the Senior Citizen Tax Work-Off program or the Senior Tax Assistance Match Program. If you have any questions, please contact Mary Starr, Senior Volunteer Coordinator at 207-468-0392 or  Here is a link for more information

SenioritySENIORity Senior Programming 
Our Saco Parks & Recreation SENIORity Programs are designed for those aged 50 and above. Come join us at the Saco Community Center at 75 Franklin Street. This program is for both residents and non-residents of Saco. Visit the Saco Parks and Recreation page for more information. 

Age Friendly Saco 
Final Saco Age Friendly LogoAge Friendly Saco’s goal is to promote active aging by optimizing opportunities for health, engagement, and safety while removing barriers that prevent our citizens from remaining in their homes as they age. Working with existing organizations and collaborating with the City of Saco, the group develops volunteer teams for the delivery of services that will empower residents to remain in and engaged in their community. Participating in the political process is part of being engaged in their community. Visit the Boards and Committees page for more information. 

Transportation Brochure
The City of Saco, Age Friendy Saco, and BSOOB Transit have prepared a brochure that includes transportation information for senior citizens. 
Transportation Brochure 5.3.18_Page_1Transportation Brochure 5.3.18_Page_2